After giving favourable press quotes to the UK press for many months, AABA can reveal that ACCA has now abandoned its plans for an ethnicity survey of its UK  members.

ACCA previously undertook an ethnicity survey of members in 1998 and failed to publish any meaningful analysis of the replies. The magazine did not publish the results. The annual review did not provide any details either. When asked for details, an ACCA spokesperson claims that all the original responses have been lost. Any ACCA member claiming that s/he lost his/her working papers files for 1998 and as a result could not provide information would be immediately liable for disciplinary hearings. But the same standards clearly do not apply to ACCA management.

To grab further headlines, the ACCA now claims that from January 2001, it will undertake an ethnicity analysis of the new student intake. This does not in any way amount to full ethnicity survey of the entire UK-based student population or its membership.

ACCA remains a racist organisation. It  has never ever had a non-white chief executive, director, deputy-president, vice-president or president. Nearly 50% of its UK membership is non-white but it has only one non-white person on its council from the UK. For the 2000 council elections, a former President cast nearly 18% of the votes. All non-white persons failed to be elected. Was it a co-incidence?