23 February 2000


Thank you for your letter of 22 February.  I note that you have not provided me the
information that I previously asked for.

It would be helpful to refer to some facts.  Your notice to perspective election candidates in Accounting & Business does not say that candidates cannot mention web site addresses in their election address.  This is not mentioned in ACCA council's Code of Practice.  The same is not mentioned in the package that you mailed to me (and presumably also to other candidates) on 7th February.  Thus unlike other organisations ACCA failed to publish the full rules of the election, including matters relating to election addresses.

You raised objections to the mention of the web site address only after seeing my election address.  Subsequently, despite requests you have failed to provide a copy of the relevant council minutes or the alleged legal opinion.  You now assert that "Council has recently reaffirmed that references [to web sites] should not be included in election addresses".  This has not supported by any evidence.  When was the alleged policy made and why can I not have a copy of relevant minutes?  As you are seeking to constrain my human rights, I once again request that appropriate information (council minutes and legal opinion) be made available to me.

From previous election addresses, I note that candidates expressed support for 'International Assembly', 'ACCA policies, 'education' and so on.  All these invite the reader to go beyond the election address and look at information held in other places.  Therefore, the mention of a web site address is perfectly consistent with ACCA's past practices.  I would be very grateful for the name and address of an independent party that can adjudicate in this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely

Prem Sikka