15 February 2000


Thank you for your letter of 14th February. I do not believe that you have any right whatsoever to interfere with my election address, especially as it meets the 180 word requirement.

As I am seeking advice 1 shall be grateful for the following information.

1. The bye-law which limits the election address to 180 words and authorises you to unilaterally change a candidate's election address.

2. Please indicate what constitutes a 'word' and how long it shall be.

3. Please indicate the bye-law or any other authority which forbids the use of a web site address in an election address.

I shall be very grateful for a speedy reply so that the matter can be concluded.
A reply can be sent to me via e-mail (prems@essex.ac.uk).

Yours sincerely

Prem Sikka