ACCA Council Election is a Fix

ACCA council elections are a farce. 
In the age of one-person-one-vote ACCA flouts all decency and permits unelected officeholders to cast a large number of votes. For the 2005 council elections the officeholders cast 739 votes, large enough to  change the outcome of the election. There is no transparency about such votes.

The officeholders do not indicate the cronies who have benefited from such votes and why some candidates, including those poll more votes from members, are not favoured.

The delegated proxy voting system operated by ACCA is unlawful. Similar voting system was operated by UK trade unions in the 1980s, but was outlawed. Yet ACCA still operates this system. As a result council is "appointed" rather than elected.  Is it any surprise that ACCA members have no confidence in the unelected leadership, council or officers.