In an earlier article posted on the AABA website entitled, "The ACCA intimidates members in Malaysia" it was suggested that Mr. Rahim had obtained his position within ACCA in Malaysia by secretive and unauthorised methods and had abused that position in a number of ways including writing intimidating letters, misusing funds and failing to declare material interests. It also  accused him of lying and cronyism. The article went on to allege that PwC Malaysia acted improperly in encouraging the closure of the ACCA's Malaysia office in order to secure for itself the contract to recruit new staff. The article was not written by anyone connected with AABA. It appeared on the AABA website without our knowledge and consent and has now been removed. We are happy to accept Mr. Rahim and PwC Malaysia's assurances that these allegations are entirely false and unfounded. We are happy to put the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment caused.