ACCA remains a racist organization. In its entire history none of its chief executives, directors or officeholders have been non-white. Nearly 50% of the UK membership is non-white but only one UK-based non-white person is on ACCA Council. ACCA presidents and former presidents continue to cast thousands of votes. But non-white people rarely get  elected. Is this a coincidence?

One might have thought that ACCA would be keen to examine its own racist policies or even explain why it has failed to publish the details of the ethnic monitoring exercise. The ACCA was persuaded to conduct this exercise under pressure from the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE). ACCA only seems to look upon non-white people as an easy source of money.

In the UK, the government has raised the small company audit threshold to £1 million turnover. As a result many ACCA members will not be in a position to conduct company audits. In the near future, this threshold will be raised to £4.8 million. As a result, hardly any  ACCA member will be in a position to audit UK companies. This highlights the failure of the policies pursued by ACCA management.

How has the ACCA management responded? It has responded by commissioning research into the impact of the raising of audit threshold upon ethnic minorities. It has never shown any concern with the plight of ethnic minorities. It is now cynically using the 'race' card to put a gloss on the management's failures.

The research will cost thousands of pounds and will be conducted by academics from De Montfort University and Strathclyde University.