It is only in tyrannical dictatorships that officials unilaterally change the statements issued by election candidates. Does ACCA fall in the the same category? Read on.

The evidence is provided from correspondence between Prem Sikka (a candidate for the 2000 elections) and ACCA officials. The issue is about the mention of a web site address in an election statement.

For years, ACCA claimed that it needs its 'delegated proxy voting system' to enable the President to cast 20-25% of all the votes for council elections because individual members don't know the candidates. Now in the age of the internet, anyone can have a free web site. Thus ACCA has no excuse. But ACCA officials don't want an informed membership. To prevent dialogue and debate, they are making up the rules as go along.

So please bear with us and take this journey. Read the ACCA letters and marvel at how the rules are being manufactured.

Now read the correspondence that follows: