ACCA continues to milk students

 ACCA is continuing to milk students. The huge growth in student numbers ( click here ) ACCA to generate large financial surpluses.

With more than 50% of the ACCA membership outside the UK, the Association's claims of being a UK body look increasingly unsustainable. Overseas students joing ACCA actually do massive harms to their own countries. This leads to loss of valuable foreign currency reserves. It also creates a dependence on the Western world by preventing development of local  professional bodies and social infrastructure. If students from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and the Caribbean  don't shown much respect for their local professional institutions, they should not be surprised to learn that western instituions hold their countries in low esteem. The imperialist project earns lot of monies for ACCA, but it does not provide much (e.g. a library) for students in return.

Students have no elected representation on ACCA council. Indeed, ACCA Council is unrepresentative of its membership. Many council members are only there because of the large number of votes cast by the President. ACCA refuses to publish a list showing the geographical composition of its membership.