ACCA's controllers have got used to treating the Associations as a private fiefdom. They have turned a professional body into a trading corporation. They abuse ACCA's resources and avoid democratic accountability. To silence members they prematurely close the AGMs, ignore questions, massage minutes of meetings, write to critical members' employers and conduct hate campaigns through the magazine. But they still can't break the spirit of the members who want to make the Association a better and stronger organization. What will they do next?

At the 17 February 2000 EGM, one ACCA member Jaffer Manek (a respected practitioner and writer on professional matters) drew attention the debasement of the ACCA. He argued the following.
The motion has to be given a chance. After all the froth has fizzled, all the smoke has cleared and all the steam has been let, the fact remains that ACCA today is a peculiar professional body that has turned into a feudal multinational without shareholders.

Let me justify that.

With multinational I mean:

But who benefits from all the profits, just ask the ACCA sole-practitioner on the High Street

With feudal I mean:

To top it all, ACCA is not even answerable to: It took ACCA 90 to 100 years to get to here but the next 10 years will change things exponentially. So, let us do something with this motion. Otherwise, will we be as proud to carry the ACCA letters behind our names in 10 years' time?