Despite the hostile campaign by ACCA leadership ordinary members have supported the call for an extraordinary general meeting.

The call for the EGM was organized by Anthony Thomas, a former ACCA council member. The EGM presents an opportunity for members to modernize the Association.

Unlike other professional bodies, ACCA members are not allowed to attend council meetings. They have no access to the minutes or agenda papers of the council. The leadership is not directly elected by ordinary members. Like some mediaeval overlord, the ACCA president continues to cast around 20-25% of all the votes  at council elections. Thus council is "appointed" and not elected. ACCA leadership continues to be elected along racist lines. 50% of the membership is overseas, but ACCA has never had a non-UK officeholder. 50% of the UK membership is non-white, but ACCA has never had a non-white officeholder. There are no policies for helping any member facing discrimination on the ground of race, gender, age or disability. ACCA presidents make Viceroy like trips to former colonies, but none has taken any interest in enabling those countries to develop the appropriate infrastructure. ACCA makes £10,000 a day surplus from its students. Most of these students will never ever qualify. They have no representation on council. The bureaucrats have squandered the ACCA resources on making television programs, publishing, the bungled name change, the failed takeover attempt of CIMA and CIPFA, just to mention a few.

As Deputy President Ray Gardiner learnt, anyone asking uncomfortable questions is ousted. ACCA chief executive have written to the employers of members who ask uncomfortable questions. ACCA in-house magazine is censored and does not allow any critical dialogue.

The EGM is an opportunity to modernize the Association and kick out unaccountable bureaucrats.