Some ACCA council members have told AABA that they fear for the future of the Association. They feel that the council is so muzzled that it cannot freely discuss major issues. The problem lies in the centralization of management and control. Everything is controlled from London with little regard for the concerns of overseas members.  ACCA continues to be run along a colonial model. Policies are decided by London and ACCA Presidents visit other countries like some Viceroys. Instead of autonomy, all they get are platitudes and a toothless International Assembly.

Council members feel that in the not too distant future Hong Kong would break away and will be followed by Malaysia, China and other places. The only alternative is for the ACCA to reconstitute itself  so that the qualification functions as a global badge and various countries can set qualifications, ethical, disciplinary and other mechanisms according to their own culture, history and local needs.

Until now ACCA's controllers have firmly resisted any meaningful devolution.