AABA has learnt that ACCA's controllers are making desperate attempts to secure Royal Honours for chief executive Anthea Rose. Selected Council members and senior staff are actively lobbying MPs and others to secure a title for Mrs Rose.

During Rose's reign there have been unprecedented criticisms of  ACCA in Parliament. ACCA has faced EGMs and has used dirty tactics to silence reformers. The chief executive is the main adviser to the council and during Rose's reign, ACCA has lost a Vice-President and Deputy-President under unusual circumstances. Perhaps, a President next before she finally retires.

During Rose's reign ACCA has sought to silence its members by attacking them, writing to their employers and banishing them from the magazine. AABA will soon produce evidence of secrecy and censorship at ACCA. Members in Malaysia and elsewhere have been silenced. ACCA has lost its representation on IFAC. Privy council threw out its name change request and ACCA also antagonized CIMA and CIPFA by launching a hostile take-over bid. Despite an annual operating  budget of £35 million ACCA has failed to provide a library for its members. Overseas members are simply exploited for fees.