ACCA Management Building New Empires

ACCA members hardly get any services. There is no library, good magazine, internet chat room, printed list of members, geographical analysis of membership or anything else. But ACCA’s management continues to build empires. During 2001, the number of staff working from ACCA increased from  348 to 401, an increase of 53.

They certainly are not busy providing services to ACCA members. Neither are they busy collecting debts. During 2001, debtors increased by over £500,000. For years, ACCA managed with three directors. Now there are NINE, all with plush offices, expense accounts, overseas travel and personal secretaries.

For the year 2000, the directors and the Chief Executive took home £429,495. Now the new empire takes home £761,223. ACCA members are not allowed to vote on director remuneration or have any say in measuring their performance.