At the May 2000 AGM ACCA members approved a Code of Practice for Council members. It was prepared in 1995 without any consultation with the public. ACCA magazine did not invite anyone of critique it.

The megalomaniacs ruling the ACCA have also tried to enforce it upon who are not even members of Council. Ever since its inception, some individuals (e.g. Prem Sikka, Anthony Thomas, Ray Gardiner) have refused to sign the Code.

The ACCA officials have sought to bully dissenters by naming them (in clear contravention of the European Convention on human Rights) in the Annual Reports. Unwittingly, they have left wonderful evidence of their vindictiveness in the official ACCA reports (for example see the 1999 and 2000 Annual Review). These reports name the people who stood up for human rights rather than bow down to the tyranny of the ACCA's masters.

ACCA's Code of Practice requires council members and perspective council members to
vi  refrain from making public pronouncements which are at variance with Council's  formal position even where that position may differ from their individual views  

vii. refrain from making public statements which could damage ACCA's good  reputation and standing 

Anyone violating this is to be subjected to disciplinary hearings. Perhaps, provide another spectacle for the press.

The result of the ACCA's Code of Practice is that no Council member can speak publicly about racism at ACCA, need to change regulatory structures, the need for ethnic monitoring,  or democracy. People are gagged and deprived of their human rights. All the bad practices and policies are to hushed-up.

ACCA council members had no qualms about violating human rights even though the Code explicitly violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

To incorporate the Code into its bye-laws ACCA needs approval of the Privy Council. That approval was sought in late May 2000. Privy Council consulted the Department of Trade & Industry and the UK's Home Office. Privy Council has not given the approval.

Under pressure, ACCA now claims that some kind of a Task Force is trying to revise the Code. No one is being consulted.

ACCA is believed to be the first UK professional body to fall foul of the Human Rights Act 1998. Will anyone accept responsibility for this eternal shame and resign? Don't hold your breath.