For a considerable time ACCA has taken exception to the AABA web site, especially as it provides news that the ACCA leadership wants to suppress. AABA was the first to tell the world about the coup against Deputy-President Ray Gardiner, the failure of ACCA to secure recognition for its qualifications in US, Australia and Canada, £32 million law suit in Malaysia, impending court case in India, the matters relating to current President Moyra Kedslie, concerns of  members in Malaysia, ACCA's censorship policies and much more.

Despite spending a huge amount of money on annual reports, corporate governance reports, glossy broschures and newsletters from Presidents, ACCA has not even told its members that the number of new members from the UK is declining, or that it is being very economical with information when claiming to be 'global'. Only 11 countries have more than 500 members. As ACCA management have failed to provide members with crucial information, Professor Prem Sikka (ACCA member since 1977) asked ACCA chief executive, Anthea Rose, for information about the geographical composition of the ACCA membership. Mrs. Rose replied by referring Professor Sikka to the AABA web site.

AABA is quite happy to take credit for providing good information to ACCA members. But ACCA leadership's hypocrisy has no limits. Firstly, without permission from Professor Sikka it changed his council election statement (for 2000 elections). It removed, yes you guessed it, the web site address of AABA from his election statement. Now, ACCA chief executive refers ACCA members to AABA web site. What next?