AABA can exclusively reveal that ACCA will increase its members' annual subscription by £5. This edict will be included in the AGM documents mailed to members before the end of March 2008.

As the leadership does not like any debate about this the rules were changed to ensure that members' approval is not needed for subscription increases of  5% or less.  There will be no resolution to increase the fees and thus members will not be able to discuss the matter. ACCA  claims to provide thought leadership on corporate governance but  its AGM agenda does not include "Any Other Business".  This tight control of the agenda means that members will have no opportunity to raise concerns or demand any accountability.
ACCA will raise nearly £600,000 through this increase in fees. The leadership is not directly elected by members. It has not offered any justification for the additional levy.  It does not present any budgets to members and membership is not asked to approve any financial plans or budgets.

ACCA boasts annual revenues of nearly £100 million, but most of its members receive no services. The number of directors at ACCA have mushroomed to nearly 10 and all collect six figure salaries, golden pensions and free world travel. ACCA chief executives also take their spouses on world travels and the cost is charged to ACCA members. Members are not asked to approve these costs.

Unlike companies, ACCA members are not allowed to elect directors or the chief executive. They cannot vote on executive remuneration either.

The only remedy available to members is to vote against the adoption of annual accounts.  However, the leadership is counting on the timidity of its members as it continues to pick their pockets