ACCA leadership has singularly failed to address the concerns of ACCA members is Malaysia. It treats them as second class. The resolutions proposed by the Malaysian membership at the 2000 AGM were unilaterally altered by the leadership. The leadership has already tried to silence the members alternative websites. The result of the this bullying
had the inevitable result - another website has been launched

Activists in Malaysia have now decided that they will seek voice by fielding their own candidate for the International Assembly. The members have chosen a past president of ACCA Malaysia, Yong Phie Loong, to be their candidate to  represent ACCA Malaysia in the 2000 International Assembly. Mr. Yong need served ACCA Malaysia as President from 1990 to 1991 and from 1992 to 1994. He took two years off from employment to serve as a full time President. Together with a team of dynamic Council members, he led ACCA Malaysia in building the pre-eminent position of the ACCA today.

ACCA leadership never plays fairly, as most members already know. The leadership is fielding one of its 'favourites' to oppose Mr. Yong. AABA has received reports alleging that ACCA resources are being mobilised to secure  votes for the 'favourite' candidate. Some students have been used to collect ballot papers. Some, allegedly, have been given  "free T-shirts, meal allowances and taxi fares. This is done under the guise of providing  a collecting service to members".  ACCA members should be told why the ACCA resources are being used to provide election support to a candidate.

AABA encourages all ACCA members to support Mr. Yong.

Today, the Malaysian are being sacrificed, tomorrow everyone else. As the UK members have learnt they are being disenfranchised through a centralized control of the district and functional societies. So it is time to stop the rot and be counted.