ACCA launches a new web site but not for Malaysia

ACCA has launched an all singing, dancing web site. It claims to have web sites all over the world. But there is no web site for the members is Malaysia. As usual, Malaysian are being treated as second class. Anyone trying to visit the Malaysian web site is told, "ACCA is currently developing a web site for this country. In the meantime please visit the global ACCA web site".

The ACCA web site used to have a forum to enable members to air their view. but the control freaks in London don't tolerate fee speech. As the members from Malaysia started using it, the control freaks closed it. The revamped ACCA web site still does not allow members to express their concerns. It is all one way traffic. Like some Stalinist news organization,  the bureaucrats decide what they want to put on the web. Members have no voice.