AABA has learnt that ACCA is to discipline its former Deputy President, Ray Gardiner. In May 1999, just hours before Gardiner was due to become President, he was the subject of a vote of 'no confidence' and prevented from taking office. At that time there was no mention of any disciplinary action against him for his role in the Robert Jackson affair

On 5th July 1999, ACCA President informed Austin Mitchell MP that "ACCA's Council gave careful consideration to the course of action it should take with respect to Ray Gardiner, including the possibility of disciplinary action being brought against him. It decided that disciplinary action was inappropriate". Did the Council have such a right?

Since then Ray Gardiner has maintained a dignified stance and has refused to relinquish his council seat. He has also continued to call for reforms to democratize the Association. This has not gone down well with the controllers of the ACCA. Sources inside the Association say that he has already been excluded from council meetings and is not given sight of important council minutes and documents. This is a gross violation of the wishes of the electorate which elected him.

Ray Gardiner is standing for the 2000 council elections and has refused to compromise his principles. So the establishment has found a way of silencing him. By charging him with disciplinary matters, they hope to stain his character and thus hope that he will not be re-elected. Such are the tactics of the dictatorships.