ACCA derives an estimated income of some £10,000 per day from its students but is not willing to hear their concerns.

Last year, under pressure from the UK's Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), ACCA reluctantly agreed to undertake an ethnic monitoring survey of its members. But it has refused to do the same for its student population. Even the survey of ACCA's UK-based members was half-hearted. The questionnaire was not accompanied by any envelope or a covering letter urging the members to respond. Clearly, ACCA management were just going through the motions. No doubt, they will cite the absence of a large number of replies was a reason for discontinuing the survey. But students have been totally ignored. Any forward looking professional body should know about the composition of its student body (future members!) and the difficulties it faces in securing jobs, adequate salaries and career advancement. But ACCA has shown no interest in such matters.