ACCA Promotes Unethical and Irresponsible Policies

All over the world wealthy and major corporations are avoiding taxes ( click here for details ).  As a result democratically elected governments are being prevented from making the mandated investment in healthcare, education, public transport, housing and other public services.

Rather than urging accountants to embrace socially responsible policies or corporations to ensure that they do not negate the mandate of democratically elected governments, ACCA continues to push partisan and antisocial policies. Its spokespersons are urging governments to eliminate corporation tax and shift burdens to ordinary people (see below)

Tax focus is smokescreen
Hellish outlook for tax havens
Playing corporation tax 'catch-up'

 For some moral arguments against the above click here .

ACCA has always been a highly partisan organization. It has always advocated a kind of reverse socialism where wealth is distributed from the poor to the rich and multinational corporations . Next time, someone is waiting for attention in a hospital, or decent education, or proper social infrastructure, ACCA's response would be 'Don't worry, we are busy enabling corporations to escape taxes. The rest of society can  go to hell'. Yet ACCA enjoys royal charters and the status of a statutory regulator. It even has the gaul to talk about social responsibility. Our view is that at the very least all organizations have two social responsibilities; pay decent wages and pay the designated taxes so that social infrastructure which the organizations themselves use can be funded.

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