ACCA Leadership Plans to Gag Members

ACCA leadership is not known for listening to members. The AGMs are sham. The unelected President speaks for about forty minutes and then tolerates a comment or two from about 15 or so members (other than the council members who pack the AGM) who attend the AGM. Questions are rarely answered. Presidents are seen groveling to the chief executive, as they seek permission to speak. President allows each member to speak for only three minutes. There is no authority for this Stalinist censorship in the Rulebook or any law relating to meetings. Council members sit at the AGM like dummies. They clap when President speaks, but sit on their hands when a concerned member speaks. They just want to get to their lunch. This circus is definitely worth seeing.

For the May 2003 meeting, grassroots members have tabled four resolutions.

AABA can reveal that leadership has  already decided that those drafting the resolution will not be given adequate time to make their case. They are likely to be given less than ten minutes to make their case for all four resolutions. The leadership has already fixed the outcome of the poll by using the delegated proxy voting system which enables it to cast hundreds of votes. In year 2003, ACCA still does not have one-person-one-vote.