Some years ago, ACCA Council developed a rule which stated that "Council members should normally serve for a maximum of nine years (or twelve years if this necessary to enable completion of a term as ACCA President". This rule has now been communicated by ACCA chief executive, Anthea Rose, to all candidates for the 2000 council elections.

However, Ms Rose has failed to explain why the council members are not applying this rule to themselves.  For example, the following council members have been present on ACCA Council for more than nine years.

David Bishop (since 1980)
Michael Foulds (since 1986)
Vickki Harris (since 1983)
Peter Langard (since 1983)
David Leonard (since 1981)

In the 2000 AGM documentation, ACCA council talks about good governance. Yet the council is silent on failures to apply its own policies. The same council is asking members to silence reformers by imposing a Code of Practice (CLICK FOR MORE) on all current and potential council members. Yet they fail to explain the failure to apply their Code to the 'inner council'.

Clearly, one set of rules for those in power and another for everyone else.