The composition of the 72,000 ACCA membership is as follows:

Members outside the UK               50%

*Members in the UK                     50%

* The composition of the UK membership is estimated to be: White Europeans, 50%; Non-White, 50%.
ACCA council, staff and officials do not represent the composition  of the ACCA membership.

ACCA claims that 17% of its worldwide staff are from ethnic minorities.

The ACCA claims to have  9 individuals from ethnic minorities on its 36-person council. 8 of these (representing 50% of the membership) from outside the UK. ACCA' council includes just one non-white person (representing nearly 25% of the membership) from the UK. To understand these figures please bear in mind that ACCA President casts 20-25% of council election votes. So the council is "appointed". On what basis do the Presidents "appoint"? Non-white candidates usually appear at the bottom of the polling lists. The above figures tell their own story.

Are the figures the result of deliberate policies or just an accident that has gone on for the last 25-50 years? No non-white person has ever held office, been chief executive or director at ACCA.

If you attend District and Functional Societies in the UK when was the last time a non-white speaker was invited?

The first non-UK member of the Council was in 1996. ACCA claims to be 'global' but officeholders and senior officials are always from the UK. No AGM or EGM has ever been held abroad. Does control have to rest in London?