ACCA rebels expecting defeat due to 'overwhelming apathy' of UK members
(Accountancy Age, 10 February 2000, p. 3)

ACCA rebels demanding an overhaul of governance at the association have privately admitted they expect to be defeated at an extraordinary general meeting due to be held a week today.

Insiders close to the rebel camp this week blamed the 'overwhelming apathy of UK members' for what they regarded as their almost certain defeat. It is understood that a large majority of postal votes have backed the ACCA council.

Former council members Tony Cruse and Anthony Thomas called the £80,000 EGM to force a review of the running of ACCA and the relationship between council and the executive.

Cruse and Thomas remained hopeful, but Cruse said many supporters were from Malaysia, India and Australia. 'Apathy in the UK is a major problem as broadly speaking, if it does not affect them directly, they will just bin it,' he said. Thomas said defeat would not be the end of the debate.

May's AGM is expected to hear calls to raise the number of signatures needed to call an EGM from 100 to 1% of the 72,000 membership.