It is that time of the year again. The useless and meaningless Interntional Assembly elections have taken place. Some individuals  are there without ever being elected. Some stooges have been prompted by the ACCA Head Office to stand and are  there without any contest. Others have barely mustered  votes of double figures. The reason for this show are twofold.

  1. The sham enables the ACCA management to enact a show of pseudo democracy whilst there control of ACCA goes unchallenged. The International Assembly has no powers to do anything. It does  not consult members and has no program of  reforms.  Not surprisingly, ACCA members can't be bothered to vote for it.
  2. Those collaborating with the sham are rewarded. The Interntional Assembly is about to have its annual meeting. The delegates and their partners will spend all expenses paid  few days at a luxury hotel. They will have their photos taken with the ACCA's unelected leadership and be made to feel important. The cost will be more than £100,000. Yet the whole processes achieves absolutely nothing for ACCA members or the challenges facing them. If anything, it is delaying the inevitable reforms.