The usual censorship policies are once again visible. With the EGM approaching on 17th February 2000, any reasonably minded organization would want to make sure that members can make informed choices and that there is debate and that the organizers of the EGM can use the in-house magazine to make their case. But we are talking about the ACCA leadership.

ACCA leadership has already used the in-house magazine to mobilize members against the EGM resolution. But no space for the organizers of the EGM. The standard of journalism for the ACCA magazine must be poor. Most journalists at least pretend to be be even-handed and thus give sound bites to people with opposing views. But not the ACCA journalists.

The leadership has very selectively published letters attacking the EGM organizers but the letters in support of the EGM have evaporated in the thin air at Lincoln's Inn. History is repeating itself. The organizers of the 1995 and 1996 organizers were also denied any space in the official magazine. In 1996, the in-house magazine (see July, August ands September issues) also organized a hate campaign against the organizers. Letters from the organizers never got published.

The Stalinist censorship prevailing at the ACCA is a matter of shame. ACCA members can show their displeasure by voting for the EGM resolution and usher in a new era of ethical conduct at the ACCA.