Is anyone ever surprised at the double standards of the ACCA?

ACCA's executive director, has been sending out unsolicited e-mails to ACCA members, inviting them to complete a web-based questionnaire. The questionnaire contains loaded questions ( click here ) designed to show officialdom in good light. There are no questions about the quality of ACCA management, poor leadership, waste of resources, the mushrooming of myriad directors or anything else. There is no independent receipt or analysis of the questionnaire. The foregone conclusion is that the controllers would show themselves in the best possible light. Is this cynical impression management exercise worth spending any time on?

The ACCA exercise also reveals the nastier side of  its controllers. Previously, Prem Sikka included the AABA website address and his e-mail address in a council election statement.

The ACCA's controllers cynically and unilaterally removed this - kind of censorship learnt at the School of Stalinist Censorship. But now ACCA's controllers are sending out unsolicited e-mails to members. There is no shame or reflections on the double standards.