AABA would like to pay a tribute to Ronald Edgar Allen (affectionately known as Ronnie) who died on 13th March 2002. Ronnie, aged 80, had been suffering from lung cancer. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

Ronnie, a retired ACCA member, was a remarkable man. A believer in all things being properly, correctly and fairly carried out with always the 'big picture' in mind. He was always diligent in pursuit of justice and sided with the underdog in pursuit of justice.

He soon ran into trouble with the ACCA establishment who hounded him for his beliefs. ACCA made numerous threats to Ronnie and even expelled him from membership. It had his home raided and denied him proper hearing in the courts. Subsequently, ACCA's lawyers told the Lord Chancellor that the Association had misled the courts. But ACCA still denied justice to Ronnie.

Ronnie frequently said that the ACCA was an unrecognisable body compared to the one that he joined many years ago and that it now has no regard for members or deceny - a sentiment shared by many who come across ACCA officials.

We urge our readers to read the story and supporting documents below.

  • How ACCA Denied Justice to Ronnie Allen

  • 1     Court of Appeal judgement in Adebayo Bankole v Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
    2    The £100,000 legal opinion that told ACCA that its stance was wrong
    3    ACCA lawyers confirm that ACCA misled the courts and Ronnie Allen
    4    Lord Chancellor's judgement