ACCA Subscriptions con-trick

Many people reading this run businesses or have experiences of businesses. Can you imagine, any business being able to raise new finance without preparing a plan to explain the intended use of the money. Well, ACCA is a law unto itself. An increase of £5 per member was agreed without any financial plan. 3,559 members voted for the increase. 734 members voted against the resolution, the largest number ever. ACCA president cast 586 delegated proxy votes for the resolution.

ACCA continues to pick members’ pockets.  The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) has recently prepared and published a plan for the next five years and asked members to support it. ACCA leadership, in contrast, can’t even tell its members what its plans and aspirations are for next week. It just wants their money.

What will the Association do with the additional £450,000? The leadership would find numerous ways of wasting the resources. Here are some example.