AABA would like to pay a tribute to Ronal Edgan Allen (affectionately known as Ronnie) who died on 13th March 2002.

Ronnie, a retired ACCA member, was a remarkable man. A believer in all things being properly, correctly and fairly carried out with always the 'big picture' in mind. He was always diligent in ursuit of justice and sided with the undedog in pursuit of justice.

He soon ran into trouble with the ACCA establishment who hounded him for his beliefs.

ACCA leadership botched up the possible appointment of the chief  executive before. So they are advertising again (click here). Will they really find someone who is prepared to have the outgoing chief executive around? No independently minded person would have the present chief executive hovering in the background.

Current chief executive, Anthea Rose, is set to be around for a long time. After retirement (if and when it comes) she will remain in a part-time capacity.

The job will pay more than £150,000 a year, attractive perks and a pension package. ACCA leadership are not keen to appoint anyone with accountancy or ACCA qualifications. Current chief executive does not have one and the last appointee wasn't  an ACCA member either.