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Volume 19 - 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Dimensions and Financial Performance: A Study of Selected Listed Banks, Finance and Insurance Companies in Sri Lanka,
J.A. Niresh and W.H.E. Silva, pages 1-19. 

Impact of Corporate Governance Attributes on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: A Study of South Africa and Sri Lanka by C.C. Sihlongonyane, P. Pratheepkanth and L. Kengatharan, pages 20-36.

Earnings Management and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from Indian Banking Industry, Sushma Vishnani, pages 37-59.

Relationships between the Institutional Environment and Corporate Governance Practices: Implications for Emerging versus Developed Countries,
Joshua K. Cieslewicz, Shirley J. Daniel and Jaehyeon Kim, pages 60 -91.

Two Dueling Perspectives on Audit Committees: A Second-Order Analysis, Ganga Bhavani, Qaiser Rafique Yasser and Abdullah Al-Mamun, pages 92-107.

Independence Safeguards for Subsequent Client Employment,  C. Shane Warrick, Andrew D. Almand and Ken Green, pages 108-116

Company Capital Management: Safeguarding Financial Resilience for Sustainability, Colin Haslam, George Katechos and Yuri Biondi, pages 117- 145.

Prehistorical accounting markings on bone fragments in Kozarnika Cave, present day Bulgaria,
Rossen Petkov, pages 146-162.

What Do We Know About Audit Failure So Far?, Md. Jahidur Rahman, Yuhan Ying, Linjie Zhu, Pengju Ji, pages 163-192.

Modelling Asymmetric effect of Foreign direct investment inflows (FDI), Carbon emission (
CO_2) and Economic growth(EG) on energy consumption(CE) of South Asian region: A Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Panel Autoregressive Distributive Lag Model Approach (Non-linear PARDL), Umaid A Sheikh, Muzaffar Asad and Umer Mukhtar, pages 193-221.

Currency Manipulation and the Prosperity of Nations: Empirical Implications From Kenya, San Lio, pages 222-239.


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