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Volume 17 - 2018

Should Auditors of Nonpublic Companies be allowed to provide Tax Services to their Audit Clients? Dave Thompson Jr. and Aisha G. Meeks, pages 1-14.

An Investigation of Nonprofit Executive Compensation Levels and their Relationship to Relevant Accounting Based Performance Metrics, Janet F Phillips, page 15-28

2017 Tax Reform in the United States – A Quantitative Analysis of Corporate Rate Reduction, Sean Stein Smith, Richard Lahijani and Rossen Petkov, page 29-45.

apital Budgeting Techniques in Sri Lanka: A Survey, P. Pratheepkanth and  P. Premkanth, pages 46-62.

Assessing the Ontario Chartered Accountant Association’s Disciplinary Process: Can Self-Governance, Public Interest and Capitalism ever Coexist? Leslie J. Wardley, Valorie M. Leonard and Charles H. Bélanger, pages 63-88.

Forensic Accounting Education in UAE
: An exploratory study with diverse stakeholders, Ganga Bhavani, Christian Tabi Amponsah and Anupam Mehta, pages 89-105.

Board Characteristics and Earnings Management: A Literature Review for gap analysis in Emerging Economies,
Nimisha Kapoor  and Sandeep Goel, pages 106-131.

Are financial auditors involved in the determinants of environmental audit? Ansi Henda and Dkhili Hichem, pages 132-141.

Financial and non-financial Determinants of Asian automobile stock prices, Umaid A Sheikh, Haroon Abbas Chaudhry and Umer Mukhtar, pages 142-163.

Keeping Investors Onboard: A Corporate Social Responsibility Crisis Response Framework, Clarence Goh, pages 164-175.

Accounting Software and Its Effect on the Demand for Accountants in Small Business, Daniel H Boylan, Cassandra Dennery and Cavan L Boylan, 
pages 176-186.

The Incentives for Chinese Investments in Pakistan:  An Analysis from the Perspective of the Belt and the Road, Edna Gnomblerou, pages 187-201.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Standards and Reporting: Conventional (Australian) Banks Versus Islamic Banks by Mansoor Khan, pages 202 – 228.


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