The ballot papers for ACCA council elections are being printed. As usual members would be invited to vote but less and less take up that option each year because council elections are routinely rigged. Less than 10% of ACCA members ever bother voting because their vote does not count.

ACCA uses a voting system known as 'delegated proxy' voting system. The ballot paper contains names of  candidates. The ballot paper also invites ACCA members to abdicate their democratic responsibilities and nominate  an unlected officeholder (usually president) to vote for them. The name of  the president is usually pre-printed on the ballot paper. Unless members cross out his/her name the proxy votes automatically to him/her.

ACCA  president casts around 20-25% of all the votes cast. By casting hundreds of votes President effectively fixes the outcome of the elections to ensure that all the cronies get in. The President does not tell the AGM which candidates benefitted from this rigging. S/he does not inform council either. Presidents have been known to consult chief executive (the previous and current are not ACCA members) and a small cadre of 'insiders' to decide how to cast his/her vote to ensure that cronies get in and reformers are kept out..   The ACCA voting system is corrupt and unaccountable. The inevitable result is that no
one with any proposals for reforms is elected. ACCA controllers continue to enjoy their exorbitant salaries and expenses.

Former council members Pat Carruthers and Anthony Thomas have openly said that  the ‘proxy voting system’ is undemocratic and open to abuse as it enables one person (President) to exercise disproportionate influence. As a result council is 'appointed'  rather than elected.

The voting system used by ACCA is unlawful for the UK national and local elections and election of Members of European Parliament. It is specifically forbidden  for all elections for trade unions and also for the election of mayors.  Enron, Worldcom and Parmalat are some of the corporations that used the delegated proxy system.  ACCA leadership clings to this archaic system of voting to perpetuate its control and privileges.

Most ACCA members have no confidence in the unelected leadership and officialdom. Yet they cannot express that through the ballot box because council election votes continue to be rigged.